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Built-in Cabinets

High-Quality Built-in Home Office & Kitchen Cabinets

For homeowners with storage needs exceeding their current space, built-in cabinets can be a lifesaver. At Columbus Custom Cabinets, we have experience adding built-ins to every room in the house.

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Custom Cabinets, Bookshelves & More

Whether you need a couple of extra shelves or want to reconfigure the closet in your master suite completely, Columbus Custom Cabinets has the experience and know-how to make it happen. We’ll work with you to develop storage solutions that maximize your space, all with a look that will impress any visitor. We’ve installed built-in cabinets throughout a variety of houses, including:

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Built-in Cabinetry
1 Bathrooms
2 Bedrooms
3 Home offices
4 Kitchens
5 Laundry rooms
6 Mudrooms

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Columbus Custom Cabinets serve?

Our team of skilled artisans is committed to providing exceptional custom cabinetry services to homeowners throughout central Ohio, including in and around Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Knox, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, and Union Counties.

What types of custom cabinets do you offer?

We specialize in crafting a wide range of custom cabinets suitable for various rooms in your home. Our offerings include kitchen cabinets, built-in cabinets for home offices, storage cabinets for mudrooms, wall units for living areas, and custom built-ins for bathrooms and closets. Each project is uniquely designed to meet your specific storage needs and aesthetic preferences.

Can I get custom built-ins for my home office?

Absolutely! Our team at Columbus Custom Cabinets excels in creating custom built-ins for home offices. We understand that every home office is unique, so we tailor our cabinets to fit your space perfectly, enhancing functionality and adding a touch of sophistication.

How long does a typical custom cabinetry project take?

The duration of a custom cabinetry project can vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. However, we always aim to complete our projects efficiently without compromising on quality. Our team will provide a more accurate timeline once we’ve had a chance to discuss ideas with you and assess your specific needs and the scope of your custom cabinet project.

How can custom cabinets improve my storage situation?

Custom cabinets are an excellent solution for optimizing storage in your home. Unlike off-the-shelf options, custom cabinetry from Columbus Custom Cabinets is designed and built to fit your space perfectly. Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, built-ins for your closets, or wall units for your living room, our custom cabinets can significantly enhance your home’s storage capacity while adding a touch of elegance.