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At Columbus Custom Cabinets, our goal is to make custom cabinetry affordable. With 20-plus years of experience crafting top-quality storage solutions for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, home office cabinets, and more.

Custom Cabinetry

Upgrade Storage, Upgrade Style

Have you run out of storage space in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, or mudroom? Would you like to upgrade your home’s interiors with stylish, custom-made cabinetry that reflects your unique taste and style?

We help with beautiful custom solutions that upgrade your storage and style.

Our Process

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to our process. After all, we want you to fully understand everything we’ll be doing! Once you get in touch with us to get started on a project, we will first gather some basic information and create a 3D design for you to approve. Then, we’ll build and install your custom cabinets. Easy, right? One company. One point of contact. We offer a significant number of options for your cabinetry, but it all follows the same process.

1 Defining Your Needs
2 Creating a Design
3 Getting to Work
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"No matter the project we always follow the same process"

About Us

Since 2002, Columbus Custom Cabinets has provided custom cabinetry solutions with innovative design ideas, high-quality products, and excellent customer service to New Albany, Ohio, and its surrounding areas. It’s been a winning combination ever since! We focus on an easy-to-understand design process, using the best quality materials we can find, buying American whenever possible, and establishing a bond of trust with all our clients.

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About Us
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Who We Serve

At Columbus Custom Cabinets, we bring our reliable, high-quality custom cabinetry solutions to communities all throughout central Ohio. Among the areas we serve are:

  • Franklin County, Ohio
  • Delaware County, Ohio
  • Pickaway County, Ohio
  • Fairfield County, Ohio
  • Licking County, Ohio
  • Knox County, Ohio
  • Union County, Ohio
  • Madison County, Ohio


Custom Cabinets Columbus Ohio

Are You Ready to Transform Your Home?

Are you ready to increase your home’s storage, functionality, and value?

Let Columbus Custom Cabinets help! Our experienced team can design and build unique cabinetry that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, office, or mudroom, no space is too small or large for us to transform to your liking.

Contact us today for more information on our services and to get started on bringing your vision to life!

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Ready to get started on your custom cabinetry project? Reach out to Columbus Custom Cabinets today to find out more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are factory cabinets cheaper than having custom cabinetry built for your home?

Custom cabinets can be more affordable than purchasing stock or semi-custom. This approach also allows greater control over design, dimensions, materials, and features. Nonetheless, the expense of creating your own cabinets is contingent on the desired style and materials used. In some instances, it could be more cost-effective to buy pre-made cabinets since they typically utilize lower-quality materials than those that are custom-built, resulting in lower prices.

Are custom cabinets worth the extra expense?

If you prioritize personalization, higher quality, and better fitting for your space, investing in custom cabinets is definitely worth it. Columbus Custom Cabinets uses only the finest materials including Blum hardware, Columbus domestic hardware plywood along with Sherwin Williams industrial finishes.

Do built-in cabinets increase home value?

Indeed, properly installed built-ins can greatly enhance property value due to their versatility and customizability. They can contribute significantly to your home renovation project. To ensure an increase in property and resale value, avoid overly specific or impractical built-ins.

Are custom cabinets better quality?

Indeed, custom cabinets are typically crafted from higher-quality materials and utilize superior construction methods compared to stock or semi-custom cabinets. As a result, custom cabinets possess a greater ability to withstand wear and tear, ensuring enhanced durability and longevity.

What makes kitchen cabinets look expensive?

Various elements can contribute to giving kitchen cabinets a high-end appearance. The caliber of the materials utilized in their construction plays a significant role, as higher-quality materials typically result in a more luxurious look. In addition, the design and style of the cabinets can greatly impact their perceived value, with innovative and unique designs often appearing more expensive. Additionally, the selection of hardware and finishes can elevate the overall aesthetic, as well-crafted and stylish components can enhance the cabinets’ appearance and contribute to a more sophisticated feel.

How long does it take to make custom cabinets?

Typically, the process of constructing custom-made cabinetry requires a time frame of approximately 4 to 12 weeks, taking into account the designing, planning, and crafting involved in producing a unique and personalized product.