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Four Tips When Redesigning Your Kitchen

Updating and remodeling your kitchen is a thrilling event for any homeowner. The kitchen is not only where guests gather and meals are prepared; many people consider it the heart of a home.

The Final Touch is your go-to general contractor for your kitchen remodeling project. We’re happy to show our customers the latest looks in updated kitchens and suggest which ones would suit them best. There are so many styles to choose from, and we love helping our clients make their decisions. The Interior Creations Co. is a family-owned home-improvement company that’s been in business for almost 40 years.

Here are some fantastic trends with staying power.

Mix-and-Match Lighting

Don’t settle for just one style. If you love pendant lights but also think a pretty chandelier would add the perfect touch to a particular section of your kitchen, go with both! A creative mix of stylish lighting gives your kitchen a fashionable and makes it a very functional space. And always remember that flush-to-the-ceiling fluorescent lights in a kitchen are so last century!

Brass Accents

Just as brass drawer pulls, faucets, free-standing racks are attractive in a bathroom, the same goes for kitchens. It doesn’t matter if the finish is polished, not lacquered or satin. Brass is a classic look that’s also bold and contemporary. You can’t go wrong.

Incorporated Refrigerators

Many people are gravitating toward fridges that are flush to and color-coordinated with the cabinetry. Instead of the hulking mass of a machine breaking up the sightline, an incorporated refrigerator makes the whole room look seamless.

Colorful Stoves

OK, this one might shock you, and rightly so! White, tan and matte black ranges used to be the go-to options, but not anymore. Manufacturers are now offering expanded choices such as red, orange and yellow. These European design trends have crossed the pond and bring a contemporary finesse.

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