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Full-Access Cabinets

Convenient, Contemporary Full-Access Cabinets

Offering greater storage space and a sleeker look, frameless cabinetry is growing in popularity as more and more people come to understand its benefits. At Columbus Custom Cabinets, we welcome the opportunity to install full-access cabinets in clients’ custom projects.

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What Are Full-Access Cabinets?

Frameless cabinets are built without face frames, which means their doors are flat and attached directly via side panels. That means the margin between the door and the front of the cabinet is only about 1/8 inch, offering a very clean inset look. It also eliminates the need for a stile, or interior partition, which is typical for framed cabinets. Stiles often make it more difficult to fit larger items such as dishes in the cabinet, so frameless cabinets are easier to fill and less likely to lead to damage to the dishes.

Advantages Over Framed Cabinets

Choosing frameless cabinetry over framed cabinetry confers a range of benefits, including:

1 A sleeker look
2 More storage space, by a margin of 15-20% or so
3 Greater access to the interior of the cabinet
4 Significantly easier opportunities for cleaning
5 No bulky and unattractive face frames that have to be hidden
6 Improved opportunities for customization and adjustability
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Are There Any Disadvantages?

The point most often made in favor of framed cabinets is related to their strength. Framed cabinets are made with 1/2 inches of plywood and a 3/4-inch face frame, while frameless cabinets are made from 3/4 inches of plywood, which does mean the framed cabinets are stronger – but not significantly so. It’s unlikely that the average person would notice a difference in terms of what their cabinets can hold, even if they’re overloaded.

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